A castle as strong as cotton

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The “Pamuk Castle” (meaning the “Cotton Castle”) is a natural rustic place with hot water basins, located in Denizli Province in the southwest of Turkey.

Pamukkale is located in the region of Aegean Sea and Madras River valley, with mild weather, almost all year round. Some of the features of this city are hot water springs, white limestone terraced lands, which are made because of coalmines, given shape to by water flow.

The limestone terraces, containing calcium carbonate, surround the pools and stalactites round the edge of the city, and look like a white gap, that are created by the mineral hot water. The Cotton Castle is a strange tourist attraction in Turkey, which has recently been registered in the UNESCO’s list of ancient places.

This castle contains porous iron ore of Travertine, and the flow of water around it has caused the sedimentation of carbonate minerals in the form of step terraces in this area.

There are few places in the world similar to this region, and maybe the only place comparable to it is located in Iran; a place called “Badab-e Surt” which is only different from the Cotton Castle in the color of the terraces. The step terraces in Badab-e Surt are orange and red in color.

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