Riding in a Flying Machine

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The Millau Bridge is the highest in the world. This bridge is 2460 meters long, and 375 meters high, constructed over the Tarn valley in Southern France. This steel and concrete bridge leans over 7 pillars, the highest of which is 375 meters. In the construction of this bridge, 36000 tons of steel and 206000 cubic meters of concrete has been used. This bridge is one of the rarest man-designed constructions. The designers of this bridge are the French engineer Michel Virlogeux and the English architect, Norman Foster. The highest tower of this bridge is 343 meters high. This bridge crosses over the valley that links Paris to Montpelier. The construction of the bridge cost nearly 400 million pounds.

The design of this bridge started in 1987, and it was inaugurated on December 16, 2004.

This bridge is even higher than the Eiffel Tower. The bridge is so tall that its designer, Norman Foster says: “Driving on this bridge is like riding in a flying car.”

On average, 28000 vehicles cross over the bridge daily, in diverse weather conditions. Every year, lots of tourists come to France to see this bridge, and especially enjoy the picturesque view of the valley, too.

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