115th Professional Mock IELTS Test

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With more than 70 candidates sitting the Professional Mock IELTS test on 20th Ordibehesht, there were a crowd of punctual arrivals. Some even arriving before the test Administrator.

As with all previous exams held at Safir, the process was carried out in a patient and planned manner leaving candidates with plenty of time to sit in the exam hall and get over their nerves well before the exam started. Except for a few candidates, most were taking the test for the first time and this brought about a case of nerves which soon settled as conversations were struck up and the nervous chit chat soon became intense exchanges of shared woes over their immigration processes. Again in this exam, as with the previous one, there were some candidates from Safir but most of the candidates taking the exam were either old students or had come from across the country.

For many who had missed the exam closing date, it was a rush with many asking for an additional day to be added to the already packed schedule. The speaking tests were conducted from the Saturday to Wednesday leading to the written test, Thursday after the test and again on Saturday Morning due to the increase in demand.

A good half of the participants signed up for the free Pro-Mock Masterclass session that was conducted after the exam. This 90 minute session dealt primarily with the Reading Module. Different type questions were clarified, and techniques suggested and participants chimed in with their experiences and questions. Despite the candidates being exhausted after the test, the mood was light as the Reading presenter Mr. Tazerooni, conducted the session with his usual great sense of humour, leaving the candidates giggling at many of his remarks.

For those who have asked time and again to be allowed to take part in the free Masterclass sessions, this request is being considered. Needless to say the priority is to accommodate those taking the test. However, should anyone be interested please call the Head Office and speak to someone at the International Department where you will be put on a waiting list.

The next exam 31st May 2018 is fully booked so do not hesitate to register for 14 June 2018 especially if the speaking time is of importance to you. The next series of speaking tests will begin on Saturday the 26th of May and written exam will be held on Thursday May 31st at Safir’s  International Examination Centre on Shariati St. Tehran.

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