About us

Safir English Language Academy began its educational activities by opening its first branch in Qolhak area on May 9th, 1999. It happens to be the first institution in Iran which provides Hybrid educational system combining classroom education with online learning. Enjoying 18 years of experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign language, Safir is now the pioneer of English Language teaching in the country having 106 branches in Tehran and other provinces. Safir Language Academy, by staunchly following customer care principles, has provided more than 2000 job opportunities for professional EFL teachers and more than 500 for its administrative and managerial staff. It has also succeeded in gaining 3 ISO certificates including ISO-9001 for Quality Management, ISO-10002 for Customer Satisfaction, and ISO IWA2 for Quality Management Systems for Education. It is also certified by Oxford and Cambridge Universities to conduct teacher training courses in Iran.


Safir English Language Academy has106 branches including 21 general English branches, 3 IELTS branches, one French branch, one ESP branch in Tehran besides 80 branches in other provinces.


Safir English Language Academy has always endeavored to provide the most influential teacher training courses by continuous assessment of the courses’ outcomes besides making use of the most recently published articles and researches conducted in reputable national and international universities. Currently more than 1200 EFL teachers are working as Safir’s instructors while more than 100 have managed to achieve international CELTA certificate. All the teachers are constantly being trained through OJTs aiming at enhancing educational quality of the institution.

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff of Safir English Language Academy, working in 2 shifts from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., coordinate the branch affairs and answer students queries. They provide services such as organizing the enquires of the learners and doing their registration in different courses of the institution.

Educational Resources

To assist the learners in obtaining the educational resources, Safir cooperates with Eshtiagh Noor publication so that the students can easily use the services of this publication inside each branch. It must be noted that, Eshtiagh Noor publication is the sole distributor of Oxford University Press books in Iran.