Education Council

Safir Education Council is the highest authority in making strategic educational decisions and policies, functioning under the direct supervision of the CEO of the Institute. The permanent members of this council are, in fact, the senior managers of education departments in Safir, who have been selected based on their expertise and the functionality of their department. The sessions are regularly held, once a week, and are focused on major educational issues.

The council is primarily responsible for

  • short and long-term plans of the institute and necessary policies
  • policies regarding teacher recruitment, pre-service and in-service training programs
  • modifications of and/or replacements for educational materials and syllabuses
  • establishing new courses and procedures, as well as making necessary modifications in the educational courses and procedures
  • (approval of) the recruitment of branch managers and supervisors, promotions etc.
  • establishing policies regarding quality enhancement and students’ satisfaction
  • establishing policies regarding effective reward system and motivation-raising in teachers and learners