How to become a franchise branch?

Safir commits itself to the following services:

  • Providing the educational system
  • Providing the educational package including a copy of the all mid-term and final exams and the related keys, story books, teacher’s guides, and the related CDs
  • Providing progress chart, which all the educational branches have to follow for consistency reasons
  • Providing a copy of all the executive, administrative and educational forms and regulations, with their guides
  • Running Teacher Training Courses under the licence of Oxford Teachers’ Academy (OTA) (course fees are payable by the franchise branch)
  • Running training courses for the managers, supervisors, and the staff, held in the Head Office or one of the branches in Tehran
  • Providing continuous counselling regarding educational, administrative, financial, promotional, and IT issues to the franchise branches
  • Providing registration software
  • Providing a copy of the regulations regarding teachers and staff payment system
  • Providing licence of use of the name, sign board and the logo of Safir Gofteman in promotional advertisements

Requirements for becoming a franchise

  • The location must be in the center of provinces or in big and populated cities, in which there is no other Safir franchise already established
  • Providing a proper educational environment considering the locality, building quality, and equipment, according to the standards of Safir Gofteman
  • Obtaining on official permit for the establishment of “language school” under the name of Safir Gofteman
  • Making the payment for franchise right of Safir Gofteman, prior to signing the agreement and also making the registration quota of Safir, at the end of each term

Specifications of the building for branch establishment

  • The building must be in a location in the city, with easy accessibility and good potential for taking in students. The legal territory must be according to the regulations specified by the Ministry of Education (150-250 meters away from other institutes), and all traffic disruption must be avoided in the area.
  • The building must be independent, on a main street, and if leased, the official lease contract must be valid for at least three years. (A copy of the lease contract must be provided and delivered to Safir)
  • The building must have at least 8 classes of 18 square meters, with the capacity of 12 to 17 students, and also a suitable space for administration (Registration Desk, Teachers’ Room, Branch Manager’s Office, Prayer Room, …)

General Rules

  • All the educational decisions such as the recruitment and training of the teachers, supervision over teachers’ performance, placement testing, etc. will be administered by the Manager (Director of Studies), whose abilities must be approved by the General Department of Education of the Head Office in Tehran

Note: Only the teachers who have done the TTC course of Safir and have been approved by the Head Office, will be entitled to teach.

  • The founder of the branch will be responsible for the tax, insurance, and all other legal payments regarding the personnel.
  • The pattern, colors, and the logo of Safir Gofteman must be used in the entrance sign board without any alterations to the name of the institute (added names, nicknames, …)
  • Obtaining the special code from the Social Security Organization and obtaining the distinction number issued by the Ministry of Finance to the name of the founder
  • Payment of the salary of the teachers and staff according to the standards of Safir Gofteman


  • All the classes must be equipped with a DVD player, amplifier, hangers, desk and chair for the teacher, chairs for the learners, a dictionary, whiteboard, duster, notice board, a map of the world in English, and Safir Education System Poster
  • At least 4 of the classes must be equipped with LCD TVs. Computers are not necessary for classes.
  • There must be at least two computers for education and registration purposes and one laser and dot printer.
  • There must be 17 standard type student chairs in each class.
  • An unshared telephone line, in order to connect to the Head Office, plus fast speed ADSL
  • The application of the registration software, and the placement test bills provided by Safir Gofteman, for every registration and placement test

Note: Standards will be defined by the institute.

If you want to become a franchise branch of Safir Gofteman, please fill in this form, or call 021-84346 to talk to the “Franchise Branches Department”