Educational management of provincial branches


This department is a subdivision of the general corporate department and operates under the supervision of the general department of education. The principal aim of this department is to provide educational services and to supervise the proper application of all Safir standards in provincial branches, in terms of education system, education annual calendar, placement test, quality of education, term planning, performance quality of  managers and supervisors, and the quality of administration of mid and final terms. The other responsibility of this department is to deal with the questions and suggestions of the learners in provincial branches.

Ever since its establishment, Safir has always aimed at providing up-to-date educational services for all the Iranians all over the country, and accordingly, has made its first priority, the quantitative growth of the educational branches. To this date, this policy has led to the establishment of more than 50 branches nationwide, and has necessitated the strict supervision and coordination of all affairs among all of these branches. Accordingly, the expert inspectors of this department are regularly dispatched to all of the branches, all over the country.


– Provide training and consultation in order to launch the new branches in an optimum state

– Supervise the perfect compliance of all of the branches with the educational, administrative and logistic standards of Safir

– Supervise the performance of the staff, teachers, supervisors and branch managers

– Provide OJTs in the form of specialised workshops

– Supervise the affairs related to human resources and provide them with chances of development

– Supervise the level of satisfaction of the learners in province branches and provide  consultation for them

– Create connection and interaction among the province branches, and with the HQ departments