Corporate Education Dept.

The Corporate Education Department

Since the beginning of its establishment, Safir English Language Academy , set on the aim of providing all Iranians, nationwide, with up-to-date English language educational services, has attached great importance to the development of its educational branches. To date, this policy has led to the establishment of above 50 branches, in the country, which has, per se, necessitated the strict supervision over these branches, for maximum level of harmony and conformity in relation to Safir standards.

In line with this policy, the Expert Education Inspectors (EEI) of the Corporate General Department, are regularly and constantly, dispatched to the most remote areas of the country, in order to provide, realize and secure the following objectives:

  1. Training and professional advice for the best capacity in the launch of branch activities
  2. Supervision over the best compliance with educational, administrative, and logistic standards of Safir, in all of the branches
  3. Supervision over the performance of the staff, teachers, administrative supervisors, education supervisors, and branch managers
  4. On-the-job training (OJT) through specific technical workshops
  5. Supervision over human resources-related issues in the province branches, and their development, in terms of both quality and quantity
  6. Supervision over the degree of learners’ satisfaction in the province branches, followed by in-branch training and professional advice for improvement
  7. Contact and interaction between the province branches and the related departments in the Head Office