Human Resourses Dept.

This department works towards planning and developing human resources, employing, preserving and meeting its staff needs and expectations.

A system has been implemented towards staff development and the practice of fairness amomgst staff is a core belief at this departmwnt. As such the human resources head department and its subdivisons have been entrusted with accomplishing the following duties:

The administrative department of education branches: Managing administrative personnel

The administrative department of the organization: Managing all employment affairs for staff

The human resources education department: Evaluating educational needs and implementing training plans for both pre-service and on-job-training

The customer service department: Catering for customers and guaranteeing their maximum satisfaction throughout their educational programmes at Safir.

Customer-voice department: receiving the feedbacks, suggestions and criticism of the customers and immediate responding to their needs and expectations.

Graduation department: Providing graduation certificates to students and providing career opportunities or entertaining and educational facilities.

Call center: Creating a professional fact-paced and trusted communicative bridge for customers and authorities at the organization.