Branch Administration Management

All the education managers and supervisors are appointed by Tehran HQ, based on the professional criteria and interviews. They eventually take charge of the administration of the branches after attending comprehensive and intensive training courses. All the managers and supervisors are constantly supervised and evaluated for quality and efficiency, so as the educational and administrative standard of Safir can be met and upheld to the expectations of the learners, nationwide. Meanwhile, in order to keep up the general and technical knowledge of the managers and supervisors, a series of seminars and assessments are held regularly, all year round, with the main objective of upgrading the level of efficiency and dynamism at the level of  managers and supervisors.

Responsibilities of branch managers:

– Administer Placement Tests according to international educational criteria and adjustments to Safir education system

– Supervise/ Observe classes in order to assure the quality of education and to provide guidance for the teachers

–  Grade the teachers biannually (twice a year)

– Administer “Teachers Meetings”, each term, in order to investigate and develop the level of education quality through educational workshops, study of resources, in-service training, and group/individual training and consultation for the teachers

– Do term planning for classes and assure the correct balance of levels and distribution of learners in classes in different hours, based on the needs or requests of the learners, as much as possible

-Supervise the performance of the teachers and all of the staff, and provide guidance or notifications for the best compliance with the educational and administrative standards of Safir

-Supervise the quality and the number of classes held at different hours

– Supervise the regularity and punctuality of the full and efficient presence of the teachers in classes

– Supervise the quality of personal/ professional interaction among the staff and the teachers