Logistics Dept.

Since its establishment, Safir Language Academy, has paid special attention to the security, welfare, safety, and hygiene in the workplace, and the peace of mind for all of the learners, teachers and staff.

The sociological and psychological findings in pedagogy, essentially, consider the above-mentioned conditions the fundamental features of a desirable educational environment, in the achievement of optimal quality and standard results. However, providing the necessary requirements in a megacity like Tehran, achieving appropriate and immediate performance, which would also be suitable for a cultural environment, on a 24-hour basis and all year round, sounds rather far from possible, especially if you rely on out-source contractors.

As a result, Safir Language Academy, with an insightful view of its educational mission, accepted the investment, and tolerated massive operational costs, to established its own Logistics Department. In so doing, expert workforce in the fields of technical and engineering support, and services / security was recruited, and was trained according the specifications and the codes required for a cultural-educational environment.

Since the establishment of the logistics department, all of the educational branches of Safir Language Academy have been provided, on a 24-hour basis, with immediate technical maintenance and security / hygienic services.

The Responsibilities of the Logistics Department:

  • Reconstruction of the would-be-launched branches according to Safir standards
  • Maintenance and restoration of the buildings, cooling-heating (ventilation) systems, and the educational equipment and facilities
  • Providing support, catering and services in the administration of seminars and meetings in and out of Safir
  • Providing transportation and courier services inside Tehran and to other cities

In order to achieve the best accomplishment of the above-mentioned missions, the Logistics Department, employs seven expert groups, on a full time basis:

  • Technical Group: comprised of expert staff in the provision of all the construction and installation services, equipped with all the light and heavy equipment and tools.
  • Transportation Group: comprised of professional trained drivers, equipped with several cars, pick-up vans, and motorcycles, in order to accelerate the transportation of documents and equipment
  • Warehouse Group: comprised of trained staff, equipped with separate warehouses for consumable, technical (construction and installation), computer and advertisement goods
  • Catering, Purchase and Ceremonies Group: formed to provide all the requirements in the administration of meetings and seminars held by Safir
  • Services Group: comprised of service and security staff (night-watch staff), who are engaged with the hygiene and the physical security of the academy on a 24/7 basis
  • Security guards: officially supervised by the police, equipped with uniform and security tools, in order to provide the learners and the staff with security, besides controlling the local traffic and preventing any disturbance for the neighbors.
  • The snack shops: with in-branch stands for selling snack to the learners