R & D Dept.


The R&D department is one of the fundaments of Safir, and its mission is the constant contribution to the educational system and processes, along with doing/ administering research projects, quality and efficiency studies, in direct cooperation with other educational departments such as: marketing, TRC, testing and assessment, QC, and executive departments.

This department is directly linked to the other HQ departments in the weekly meetings of the “Education Council”, which is the highest decision-making body for macro-planning nationwide.


– Define educational standards: this department is responsible for defining and clarifying educational standards applicable to all of the branches in Tehran and provinces. These standards need to be approved by the education council and the CEO, before execution.

– Define educational processes such as: class activities, using educational materials, …

– Study and improve the educational standards and processes: as a pioneer in language education, Safir has always tried to develop its standards by examining and improving the efficiency of processes, and has always avoided stagnation and condescension. Finding means of reaching such dynamism is the responsibility of R&D.

– Define the standard for recruitment and development of teachers, supervisors, and managers

– Update the system and means of quality development

– Design, lead and promote research activities

– Select, replace and adapt the educational main and supplementary materials

– Study the most suitable and efficient approaches of designing and applying the education syllabus, and provide the relevant training

– Design and perform new educational and specialised courses and provide relevant training

– Design and perform in-service training for the teachers, educational managers and supervisors, nationwide

– Design and perform new educational processes

– Design and perform processes leading to the dynamism of the system