Introduction to IWA 2:2007

By the application of Quality Management System, it is possible to control all the processes which, directly or indirectly, affect educational services, so as to ascertain the compatibility of the provided services with the needs and expectations of the language learners, and the authorized supervising organizations.

The establishment of the quality management system (IWA2) in an educational center will lead to a systematic approach in identifying and analyzing the needs and expectations of the customers (language learners), in order to plan and provide educational programs accordingly.

The advantages of the establishment of the Quality Management System of IWA2:2007:

  • Higher credibility of the educational institute in the socio-economic environment of its operating field
  • Assurance regarding the compatibility of the educational system with the professional / legal requirements and standards
  •  Promotion of the organizational image in the society and higher customer trust
  •  Demonstration of the commitment of the senior management of the organization to constant improvement of the processes and services, and the development of the educational and cultural level of the society
  •  Improvement of the economic situation, by reducing the extra costs inflicted by low quality
  • Damage / waste control by improving necessary skills of the staff
  • Empowerment of the staff

The necessity of the establishment of Education System:

In the competitive world of today, the key to success lies in the application of international quality management standards, such as IWA2, which investigates the quality of education. This standard investigates all the educational (services) and the quality control processes in all educational fields, so the application of standardization program is of prime importance in Safir, in order to effectuate the clauses of its strategic planning. The content of IWA2 standard is the main reference for the establishment of a standardized system, therefore, all the requirements, deficiencies, weaknesses and strengths are compared to the clauses of this standard. IWA2, being an international standard and being founded on a quality system, conforms to the modern day requirements and has, in fact, been an effective step towards the realization of a high quality system leading to the satisfaction of all of the customers.