Educational Marketing

Are you overloaded with work meetings and you need to hold the sessions in English?

Do you need international business certificates to promote your business as well as yourself?

Why do you choose us?

Safir Language Academy with 106 branches in Tehran and other cities throughout the country, with the help of experienced, capable language instructors, relying on latest language teaching methods and approaches based on student and conversation-centeredness, proudly holds ESP and general English classes for CEOs, managers, clerks, company workers, ministries, organizations, factories, universities, institutes, etc.

The purpose behind such classes is to expand proper English knowledge throughout organizations.  Teaching English specifically designed for companies and organizations will provide courses related to a specific trade or profession as well as making it possible to learn English for the companies that do not have the suitable learning areas to hold classes in.

The Main Purpose of the Course:

The main mission of Safir is to teach a comprehensive English-teaching course to improve all the language skills specially speaking. With organized schedules and plans and utilizing latest language resources and materials as well as teaching approaches and techniques, the target could meet the standards set by the organization.

It’s worth mentioning that along with focusing on all the main language skills, these courses, if requested by the companies, will expand its coverage and step into the world of ESP and Marketing. Having finished these courses, the learners are expected to perform better language-wise in their work-related contexts.