In the course of their education at Safir, the learners at are constantly faced with a number of questions, which are answered in the “rules and regulations” of the institute. These points are mentioned in the brochures that the learners are provided with inside the branches, so that any ambiguity would be removed. The learners could also refer to the following links, in case of any further questions:

Registration and pre-registration:

The applicants for registration can enroll in the branch of their choice, through the online registration program (NATOOS), by providing complete documents. In order to obtain more information regarding the required documents, the conditions and discount types, you can refer to this section.

Student Certificate:

The learners can apply in writing for a “Student Certificate”, by filling in the related form. The form can be obtained from registration desks. For more information, refer to this section.

The final students’ records:

The “final students’ records” are obtained based on certain principles. In order to learn the related terms and the method of calculation of records, refer to this section.

Fee refund and educational leave:

This concerns the refund or the return of the registration fees to the learners under certain circumstances. For more information regarding the conditions, refer to this section.

Guest Students:

According to the regulations of guest students, learners are allowed to attend classes as a guest in any of the provinces for four sessions of 90 minutes.