Guest Students

For the well-being of the students, Safir has arranged for the learners to be able to attend classes, as guests, in other branches of Tehran and provinces.

The learners who wish to continue education, as a guest, in any of the province branches, need to make arrangements regarding the days, hours, level, and class capacity in the destination branch and receive the “Guest Student” letter.

Note: Attendance as a guest student will be possible from Tehran to province branches and Vice Versa only, and “guest student” does not apply between Tehran branches.

Note: Every learner can attend as a guest in other branches, up to 4 sessions of 90 minutes. (2 intensive days, or 4 regular sessions).

Note: if the related level does not exist in the destination branch, attendance as a guest only for the final exam, will be strictly out of the question.

Note: the destination branch is, under no circumstances, allowed to hold individual exams for the guest students.