Registration & Advance Registration

After the placement and consultation stages, new students can do the registration through NATOOS online registration software, or can personally go to branches with complete required documents. The documents needed include identification (birth certificate/ national id card/ driver’s license), two photographs, full payment, and the placement certificate.

  • In order to make payments through NATOOS, insert your second internet password, only.
  • In order to make payments in the branch, use the P.O.S machines in the branch.

Pre-registration rules

According to these rules and for the respect of the current students of the academy, the learners are entitled to pre-register in classes at the periods assigned and clarified in Safir annual educational system. This allows the learners to enroll in their level, and to choose their desirable times (before they are booked up) during the pre-registration period.

Note: In order to use any type of discount (except for top student’s) you need to personally do the registration by referring to the registration desk, only during the pre-registration period, and otherwise the discount will not be applicable to Intensive 1 and regular classes.

Note: The pre-registration rules do not apply to Intensive Classes 2.