IELTS (Pro-mock) tests

The IELTS Practice Tests

IELTS Practice Tests, which are also called Mock tests, are simulated, cheaper IELTS tests which offers the opportunity to

  • Get to know the test format
  • Experience the types of tasks you will be asked to undertake
  • Test yourself under timed conditions
  • Review your answers and compare them with model answers

Safir’s Department of International Exams’s purpose is to familiarize the test takers with the test process such as registration, filling the forms, following the instructions, and details such as applicant’s ID number to grasp a better understanding of the real IELTS test.

The unique benefits of Safir’s IELTS Pro-Mock:

  • Using standard yet unseen questions

All the tests will undergo precise process of standardization and the analysis of items such as item facility, item discrimination, item distribution, as well as ensuring construct facility through complex statistical processes such as factor analysis, and multiple regression.

  • Standardized grading and level of difficulty

Safir’s Practice Tests are about hold a banc score more difficult than the real exam and the average of scores achieved by the applicants in these exams in recent years have always been consistent with the real exam.

  • Announcing the results after two working days

You will have your results after two working days.

  • Providing the applicants with test reports containing feedback

One of the distinct features of this test report is that not only are the skills’ results provided, but also detailed list of grades with suggestions are provided by the examiner which are not included in the real test reports.

  • Offering after test consultation sessions

Having taken one’s test report, they can contact Safir’s IELTS experts for further consultation to achieve the desired score.

  • Registering for the speaking part

Along with the rest of the registration through Natoos website, International Exam section, you can choose your speaking part time.

  • Regularly held Mock tests following yearly calendar

Safir’s Pro-Mock IELTS tests are held twice each month according to yearly calendar designed at the beginning of each year.

  • Being able to have long term plans to participate in the test

Considering the real test’s date and time, you can register for one or more Safir’s Pro-Mock tests. For example, if you are applying for the real test in September, you can participate in Safir’s Pro-Mock tests from March.