Safir English Language Academy was founded in Tehran on May 9th, 1999. With 106 branches nationwide, Safir is the leader in English Language Teaching in Iran. Safir has 19 branches in Tehran, 15 of which offer General English Courses, 3 specialize in preparing students for the IELTS exam, one specializes in General French Language. This makes Safir one of the largest language institutes in Iran.

The Academy’s core principles are student-centered classes, learning development, establishing mutual trust, and student satisfaction. Safir also prides itself in providing a professional environment for its 2000 teachers and 500 staff members.

Because it provides its learners with the highest quality services, the Academy has been certified by ISO-9001 for Quality Management, by ISO-10002 for Customer Satisfaction, and by ISO IWA2 for Quality Management Systems for Education. It is also certified by Oxford Teacher’s Academy to conduct CELTA courses. More than 120 of its teachers are either CELTA or TESOL certified. Over the years, the Academy’s teachers have presented numerous papers and articles at National and International conferences.

Safir’s web-based ERP system provides users with a unified platform for registering at any branch, reserving placement tests, checking exam scores, reading educational material online, listening to podcasts, watching video documentaries, taking quizzes, solving puzzles, and more. The web portal, known as Natoos, is available to all students at The site can also be accessed from our website in the useful links section.